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31 October 2010 @ 08:48 am
Happy Halloween...on to Christmas!  
With Halloween still approaching, a few days ago, Wal-Mart set up it's Christmas shop, moving Halloween decorations into one aisle from two. It's a little sad to see Halloween getting the bum rush. I know many industries depend, and even bank on making up making profit during the end of the year holiday season 4th Quarter, so much so they are encouraging the normalcy of it further from the actual date of focus. Not to second guess, but do these companies worry about spreading the consumer too thin? Consumer confidence and spending over the past few years has dwindled during the holidays. Could it possibly be because the promotional period was pushed so far back, it fell off the radar for due to early shoppers?
Also things for the consumer finnancially have changed. The years of Christmas bonuses are long gone, instead offered are a pennance compared to what would be a boon for stores and malls. We currently will recive an additional discount for groceries along with the usual general merchandise. Unless you buy a lot of groceries (which I don't) it rarely pays off to more than 15 to 25 dollars saved.

At least at the Golden Nugget/Grand/Hilton we would get a turkey.

The other casualty is sanity.  The Christmas Spirit is Bipolar (pun intended), being full of love and giving one moment, but will run you down for the last scented bath set on the shelf. You must say, "Merry Christmas", lest be dubbed heathen for the mere utterance of "Happy Holidays".
Whoa, where did that come from?
Simply put, Christmas is one day a year. One as in singular, without a second or raincall. The other holiday to note, without excluding others, is New Years. So regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or not, you have 2 holidays that most people observe now, 3 if you include Thanksgiving and now 4 if we're going to hitch Halloween to this as well. I will wish good tidings on only the day of note. It's blashemous otherwise.

As for today, Happy Halloween. I will be dressed as a pirate (what else did you expect? Oh, one of the pirates of old and Tall Ships, not the Somali or Mexican sort...). I will point and laugh at any kid that comes through my line and begs their parents for candy. Seriously. Go out an pillage yerself up some cavity laden loot!

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