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21 August 2012 @ 04:43 am

"In the many we have had during our time on this rock, one of the spoils of war were the women. Taken as slaves, raped and/or killed. Even biblically, a rapist could take a victim as a wife. Ah, traditional marriage is a beautiful thing.
If I may digress early on in this tirade, a victim of rape is subject to objectification to satisfy a need that they want no part of and didn't ask for and even after it's long history, it is still it's victims that bear the burden of proof.
So it seems now a woman's word or scars is not enough to convince some people that her entire being was shattered. Some wild rumor mill concoction has produced a theory that a woman can't get pregnant if she is really raped, unless she wanted it, ipso facto, it was wasn't really a rape.

Remember back in High School there were kids talking about sex and saying the girl couldn't get pregnant the first time and all sorts of BS rumors they heard from So-and-so...

I know there are people lobbying to remove sex and health education from schools. When these kids grow up and become leaders and legislators and still believe what So-and-so said back in High School, instead of a licensed medical professional, I cringe. There is a generation currently living on rumors, dinosaurs and humans living in some Flinstone's utopia and they are going to soon be who will be holding offices, in our courts of law, our caregivers and teachers.
Todd Akin is an idiot for what he said, but not because he said it. The outrage is that he said it aloud (and on camera). He had the courage to say what he believed in his heart to be true. Many of his colleagues share his view.

During a time when there is a push on a state level to suppress the minority turnout in November, there has also been an unprecedented push on the state and federal level to criminalize abortion and defund/micromanage women's healthcare. It's been called, 'A War on Women'. Catchy, but is it the spoils of the 2010 Republican sweep, or war drums?

People see pictures of the Founding Fathers, all men, with pomp and powdered wigs, making the final touches on the first act of legislation that founded a nation. It's all very awe inspiring, but what was the truth behind the artists romanticized image? It took 3 years and several varying plans. As for the inclusion of women, we were referred to in the Three-Fifths Clause indirectly, for taxation purposes:

'in proportion to the whole number of white & other free Citizens and inhabitants of every age sex & condition including those bound to servitude for a term of years and three fifths of all other persons not comprehended in the foregoing description, except Indians paying taxes, in each state. - Roger Sherman June 11th 1787'

The War on Women is a hot mess right now. The president took the stance, 'Rape is Rape'. Even if you disagree with everything else the man has done. I know he has 2 little girls that will have a hard time of it when they start dating (a man that can send a unmaned drone to your doorstep is no joke).
The Republican Party, which lost control of it's base to far right conservatives, like Todd Akin, are urgently asking him to leave his keys and abandon his Senate run so they can hand-pick a replacement.
Democracy LOLWUT?
After a year of stupidity in conservative circles about how the female body works, biology and science in general. We have Mitt Romney, who is promising to repeal and replace everything the president has done with his version.
and the first thing to go will be Planned Parenthood...

War. War never changes."

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24 March 2012 @ 01:24 pm

Going down the street on any given day. While there is nothing unusual about you being there, however, you are stopped by a police and carded for I.D. As the officer calls in your information, as people rubberneck and watch apprehensively. You are released to go about your business and turn into a store to shop. After being shadowed by security for a while, you make your purchase and leave. It's getting dark and as nice as this neighborhood is, you worry about being caught alone on these streets at night. A black male in this place is just asking for trouble.

This could apply to most minorities these days. We live in a dystopia, told by a majority populated by Caucasian males, that everyone is treated equally. They have no reason to think otherwise as it is hard to have a collective consciousness about something as abstract as what others feel like.

When people tell me that Affirmative Action is unnecessary in this day and age, it's as if they don't see me. There is just a mirror that reflects their own world back at them. They may have never been told by a teacher to explain why black people like grape soda and rap music, or to speak a poem "Blacker". I am characterized, even by friends as being "white" for the way I am. I grew up this way. Yes, I like Aikawa Nanase and Steely Dan, but I like Stevie Wonder and India Arie as well. I like video games, cartoons, art, reading and writing. I love that my world is as diverse as the company I keep.
Unless one knows me, I'm a black woman, with all the negative stereotypes that go with it. Specifically negative. We are so driven by fear that the safest thing to do, is suspect the worse in what we cannot relate to or understand.

Then it all goes wrong. A young man visiting his father, new in the area, but not doing anything unusual, automatically suspect to a man with a 9mm who pursues and guns him down, claiming a state law allowing him to stand his ground...

Honestly, I used to be of the opinion that guns were an aberration that we should cast aside. My opinion on that has changed somewhat. However, police officers are given strict training about when to use deadly force. Soldiers are given even more training, so they can discipline themselves in a combat situation to discern between enemy combatants and civilians.
You can even talk to kids who take martial arts classes that will tell you the use of force is the absolute last resort. To use words to diffuse and deescalate.
Because once that trigger is pulled, or force is used, it is final. You can't take it back and it changes the nature of everything that follows.

I feel the "Stand Your Ground", law is flawed. It does not protect the public from someone under duress, mentally unstable, or if they simply have poor judgement. We have all made bad calls once in a while. We make mistakes all the time. Most of the time, we can laugh about them later as a big goof, but a law that allows an err in judgement to trump the justice is as much a mistake as the self-righteous shooter who ignored police and guns down a young man, moments away from safely making it home. A shooter that goes home that same day. Trayvon Martin's remains are treated as that of a crimminal. Even the police assume that he is obviously guilty of something even if his only crime is being born African-American.
One mistake after another...

24 March 2012 @ 07:17 am

The Spoiler Free Movie Review:

Movie Poster

Panem's Dark Days brought about the 'Hunger Games' as punishment for the people rising against the Capitol. A "Reaping" in each of the 12 Districts, selects a boy and a girl, children between 12 and 18, as "tributes" to fight to the death in a nationwide televised event.
This may bring to mind the 1999 Japanese manga and movie 'Battle Royale', which it shares more than a few similarities with.
However, the difference is in the full story of the series, which follows Katniss Everdeen's struggle to protect everything she holds dear.
The movie, with it's PG-13 rating, manages to translate well into film and not be overly childish and sugarcoat what should never be sugarcoated: The waste of human life.
Major changes mostly had to do with time of day. Most scenes in the book, took place at night or at dawn or dusk, are changed to day I understand that was a logical choice when it comes to an audience.

The book also uniquely tells the story in first person, from Katniss' point of view.
The mindset of a teenage girl afraid and awkward about how to do things that come naturally to others, is sometimes a jumbled mess of emotions, that because I was reading it, conveyed her confusion to the reader.
In viewing the movie, we can see things that she could not. Cutaway scenes allowed other characters to have input that make what she can't see obvious and cuts back on screen time that would be a waste if we left Katniss to figure it out enough to do something about it.
Other slight changes, they nodded to characters having knowledge of in the first place, or commentators explaining to the Hunger Game audience.
Little changes that should not upset readers.

And for those that read the book, I cried when I knew I would.

When we left, there were 9 school buses parked outside. I knew kids were coming to see this with their schools because they love the story.

Books Review (some minor spoilers ahead):

The Hunger Games

I found it frustrating that Suzzane Collins ended just about every chapter with a cliffhanger.
I would very much need to put the book down, but felt compelled not to because I needed to know what happened next.
Her decision to write the story from Katniss' perspective frustrated me more with how thick and hot-headed she could be. A teenager that does things drastic and does not think of the consequences until the full repercussions hit her broadside. Damage control is clumsy, but with good intentions that usually fall well short of her plans.
Readers see the author paint a big picture that Katniss can't perceive, but the reader does.
It's a bit masterful to have a character that may overlook details the readers see and wish to warn her of.
Being in Katniss' head the whole story, you do get a sort of a detachment. People can die around her, and she has little time to comprehend it. She moves on quickly as a matter of survival. It is lucky for Katniss that she has unintentionally caused such a stir in the oppressed of Panem that she has the support of a nation rallying behind her.
Collins wrote the whole story, as violent as it could be at times, without a scrap of profanity or vulgarity. This I found refreshing. Considering the nature of the situation, F-bombs never dropped. Katniss also doesn't bed with anyone for all three books. She is afraid of bringing a child into a world like this, and that shows that she has some foresight and sense of responsibility.

You could liken it to Harry Potter, somewhat, a life forfeit to save another. A train ride arriving at a wondrous place filled with both curiosities and danger. Allies found among enemies and vice versa. Illusions and uprisings.

There is also the obvious comparison to Twilight (which I haven't read, but everything I have seen makes me gag).

I am going to stop you right there and let you know the difference between these two girls is Substance.

Bella falling for Edward and Jacob, and Katniss' delimia with Gale and Peeta is that while both are selfish teenagers, Bella is passive, bland paste that is far outshone (or outsparkled), by either. She had no aspirations in life. A girl who is nothing without these males in her life to look out for her.
Katniss has a childhood friend and the baker's son who was reaped into the Games with her. There is nothing remarkable about any of them. However, they see each other's worth. Katniss sees this too, and her problem for all three books is that even as the situation becomes dire, as with her sister, she is willing to go to great lengths to protect her ever growing circle of people she loves. The two boys who are vying for -her-  attention, speak well of each other, respect each other as one would a good friend. It is no wonder she is confused. The possibility of love isn't really addressed until well into the second book. The decision came down to simple honestly with herself.

(Minor spoilers ahead)
In the second book "Catching Fire", the Captiol is having issues with uprisings. Uprisings that have perceived the desperate actions of Katniss Everdeen to be a call for civil war. To stem this tide, the Capitol casts her into the arena again, where she is expected to die or be broken in the process. This time, however, she finds more allies to her cause. In the end, she finally comes to face the devastating effect of her rebellious actions.

By the time the third book, "Mockingjay," she is now become the face of an uprising. She is being used for propaganda both for and against the Capitol. The plot twists sharply when she realizes, at great cost, who the real enemy is.

I recommend this as a definite "Watch/Read", this Spring.
Cause Fire is catching.

12 September 2011 @ 02:31 pm
When I was reading the last book in the "Chronicles of Narnia" I felt it had an uncomfortable ending. Having already figured out the religious allegory part, the story seemed to skew way off on it's own and portray Asland as a bit of a douche. A character I had liked loved very much up to this point pulled the ultimate troll.
"Rocks fall. Everyone dies".
The "good" part the readers get to know that he's invited everyone that counts to Narnia, the real one he's been hiding. So all his friends die and get to go, and all the brown people die for good. This is all I got out of it, anyway.

In any case, this is what makes me wonder about religious folk that don't just believe in The Rapture, but actually hope it happens within their lifetime. Some even go as far as to talk it up and think that the more asinine we behave will somehow signal to God, "Enough is enough".
Firstly, this is pure human arrogance. Small and insignificant as we are in the vast universe, there are amazingly boneheads out there that think it's only for us. That everything in it is ours to own, command and destroy. We will literally piss in our own drinking water to make the point that it's ours to do with as we please.
Then there are the predictions. Some guy with one foot in the grave telling people the end of the world is coming on "such and such" date. While I like the fact that people are in their homes spending times with their families on what they think will be their last day on Earth, feeding people the whole fear factor in their faith just seems to bring out the worst sort of behavior. People you may simply disagree with about the color of the socks you wear may end up demonized anywhere between Hitler and Antichrist depending on how much you think each others choices suck.
Is it the affirmation that God exists that we want? Surely no. Everything about my faith tells me that he is in all I perceive and know, and more importantly, what I do not know.
Is it having the right to say "We told you WE were right"? Really, sometimes I think it is. All faiths share some basic tenets that are universal. If you are really caught up in which book said what and who said it, then you are missing the whole point. Isn't it enough people do the right thing?
It is always sad to hear that doing the right thing is not enough. That you must be of one faith or another, or you are damned.
3 people in the same room of different faiths. Charitable all their lives. Devout in their beliefs. The only thing going though their minds is "2 of us are going to hell, and it isn't going to be me."
We elevate ourselves to a status equal to that of God and ask to be forgiven our sins, hoping and dreading a mere glimpse of how it will all end.

Starburst ClockI when I would want to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons when I was a kid, there was this sort of clock
hanging on the wall over the couch. It was minding it's own business and it kept time well. One of the things I would do,
with the logic one can only appreciate for a child is move the hands of the clock to the times the show I wanted to watch
was suppose to come on. It never worked, of course, but I would wait patiently for my show to air, and it always eventually would. However, my parents did not know about my early morning  time turning, and eventually, the clock was discarded sue to it's seemingly bad timekeeping.

We are not able to bend God's willl anymore than a child can bend time. Proof that we are still children, in a world that already knows how it works.

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05 May 2011 @ 02:37 pm
Gamer post. Beware, content specific rant.

With Guild Wars 2 on the way, I am gearing up to grab the bonus stuff from my Guild Wars characters achievements. In order to maximize my loot, I am playing my butt off for item drops, finishing missions and mapping the world. Currently, Jason plays as well, and truly wants the high tier bonuses for Guild Wars 2. Problem is, that every time I ask about what he wants to do, it seems to be like many other things that he's planned: Start from the end and work your way back (if you feel like it).

What I call "fun" he calls "grind". What I call "character building" he calls, well nothing actually. It seems to be a waste of his time.

Currently, he has taken a Nightfall character into Factions to fetch a skill located well into Kaineng City, a vast sprawl of a city with various districts and passages and high level enemies. Skill captures are never any fun, as they require you to not only defeat the hoards that surround the boss in question, but have the foresight to be able to nullify the very skill you want to capture, in effect, knowing your own weaknesses.
Hitting it until it stops moving isn't viable with a Monk boss, buffing up a hoard of enemies, but taking a Monk secondary with "Spell Breaker" may improve your chances.

I understand that Jason's vision incorporates many endgame or high level scenarios that require gameplay to acquire (Shiro's Blades? Those drop in the final battle with a Factions boss). Certain skills are required for some builds. But vision in this case ignores the reality that for a good amount of the time, you will play and die often. In the meantime, other perfectly good weapons will present themselves for the task at hand.
60 Elite Armor and runes won't present themselves if you don't save for it and gather materials for all of it. Dyes present an even bigger issue if you choose to use black for most of everything. Profession-wise, he chooses a profession and a secondary and does not deviate from it. Skill sets are located on websites and the goal of obtaining all of the spells becomes the set priority, even for a newly created character.
The point for him is to have a complete character before he play the game in contentedly.

Problem is that Guild Wars awards adaptation. You may have started as a Warrior/Ranger, but some situations may require you change your secondary to be more effective. Skill sets can't be set in stone for every situation. An pyromancer facing fire based enemies, may want to switch to hydromancer to do more effective damage. This also may mean that the fire based armor and weapon you have should be switched out as well.

The last problem is how to finance lavished perfection. While Jason is simply content to pick up what is obviously coin, I pick up everything, as it is in the end, just as good as a coin drop. I don't fill my inventory with all the things I will ever need. That's what my storage chest is for. I bring Superior Identification and Expert Salvage kits and use character inventories for some unique items (Imani collects Kouran Coins as a character hobby).
Forage an area and sell off the items for profit.
For Jason, the end result is always being strapped to fund his image. New armor dyed black. This is his style and not to sway him from it, but the expense of black dye is not meant to punish players, it's to encourage them to be more creative with color choices. Better yet, to rely on drops solely for my weapon and armor upgrades as well as dyes. This "Living off the Land", is not always convenient, but I can craft a weapon with all the upgrades I need and not waste my coin, especially if I don't worry about appearance. That shield may not look pretty, but it's suppose to offer protection and has a bonus to Inspiration magic. If I have a Warrior or Paragon that has a Mesmer as secondary, that shield is a dream come true.

We come to blows so often about this and I do want him to understand my point of view is not necessarily right, but for what he wants to do, it is more ideal than the frustration of throwing himself against a wall to gather all the components for "the perfect build" only to find that it works 80% of the time.

We have played D&D far too often to be delusional about the fact that planning can amount to nothing in some situations. We develop characters over time.
They can start out humbly, and over time, become skilled warriors.
Time and experience counts and it is my hope that Jason would refrain from trying to fast track his character all the time and just play the story to watch it unfold.

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17 January 2011 @ 04:43 pm
I have always stated that no artist worth their salt can claim to be a master of it all. When you become good at something, you just expand your horizons.
While I certainly am no master, I can say that I had gotten a little comfortable with niches from time to time, and need to prod myself out of complacency to
grow. This was not only in my art, but in life as well.  When I made changes in my life, I did so to grow and learn.
Regardless of this, monotony had been overlooked for sometime, especially in the department of meal preparation, a shame since I really enjoy food.
A few friends of mine had taken matters into their own hands and began to dabble seriously in broadening their pallet. This gave me pause to reflect on that
while I had become a making master at instant oatmeal and ramen to my preference, I had rarely ventured into anything else (after the Valentine's Day Pizza Massacre).
Beyond that, I had also taken to indulging in fast food in a way that reminded me of my days of Surge™ and Mountain Dew™ binges, leading to all sorts of health issues that are
prevalent even today. The time for a change had come.
To me, it was a challenge, and I presented it the same way to Jason:
  1. To challenge our pallet - Try new foods and revisit old ones
  2. To challenge our budget - To save money by cooking at home from scratch
  3. To challenge our creativity - Utilizing leftovers effectively and reduce waste
  4. To learn and grow in the process.
The challenge has been enjoyable (and quite tasty). I started with the using my iPad in the kitchen like a recipe book, teacher and motivator. If I don't know how to sauté, there
may not be an app for it, but I can load up a video on how too. Managing my time between preparation of more than one dish and keeping my work area clear. Selections of proper ingredients
and tools to do the job. Making substitutions if needed due to dietary needs. Putting all together not just in a pot or bowl, but on the plate to be more appealing to the
eye first, luring one to try foods they normally would not.
These are all things I am proud of, but there is a little shame in all this. That while my mother was alive, I could not have taken the time to learn from her enough to
do these things even if I only implemented now. I do still have Kathy and Melvin, excellent chefs in their own right, and Jason, who is very willing, if only simplistic
in his meal preparations (Bread + Cheese = Sandwich *nomnom*). I have a lot to learn, even if they all insist that what I make is good, I have yet to pull out the "big guns".
I am comfortable with pasta. That will need to change.
I am a cheese hound. That will need to change.
I have tried no new vegetables and fruit or those which I have an aversion to. That will definitely need to change.
I remember attending the Art Institute in Philly and questioning the inclusion of the cooking school in an art school. It became clear why when I was there, and even more so now.
Doing digital art all this time, I missed the feel of a clay in the hand, the smell of charcoal and oils, an invitation of a blank canvas to be filled with a vision.
All these things are true in both classical and culinary art. Visual feast for the eyes that you can taste.  Art that is fleeting, it is never long for this world...


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01 November 2010 @ 08:25 am
A month or so back, I first heard about Proposition B in Missouri, a battery of new regulations upon dog breeders in the "Puppy Mill Capital" of the US. The players on the local news were debating it's pros and cons were laughable, as the woman arguing against it came off as bitter witch that would eat puppies, and the other a holier than thou hippie that was more concerned with her hair and clearly too wrapped up in the animal rights agenda to make a real case for the animals and consumer.

In a facility with sometimes hundreds of dogs breeding for profit, what sort of viable product can they possibly produce? Most have spent their lives in a cramped cage, a cog in a money churning wheel. Mentally and physically destroyed. And out of this wretched existence, they must give life to a child will be stable, loving and loyal, something their parents never knew or could teach them. As a result, puppies that go into the market are weak, diseased, traumatized or lacking in the knowledge of how to be a dog. Some die within weeks, causing the families that end up receiving them the grief of loss as well as a financial burden of veterinary cost and even legal action to recoup losses from the purchase of a sick puppy. It is a horrible situation all around, and the argument against this is that it would cause the breeders grief and hardship trying to meet code:
-50 breeding dogs
- Banning use of wire floor cages due to the damaging effect on a dog's feet.
- Banning stacking cages.
- Adequate food, clean water and shelter for dogs.
- Veterinary care for all animals
- Regular exercise
-  A respite between breeding cycles.

These are all unreasonable demands? From a business standpoint, it makes for a better product. To not only let the dogs live like dogs, but to let them live like dogs that are part of a family.
Missouri is one of those places where animals, for the most part, are perceived to be both status symbols and commodities. Hearing someone saying their dog had puppies and they don't want them is one thing, but to suggest they take them to the shelter rather than killing them gave me a look as if I was going against the norm. People simply get rid of the things you don't want the way they want to. Puppy Mills in Missouri reflect a lot of sentiment of how property is perceived here. New regulations are seen as an invasion of not only privacy, but of livelihood. The big cities and suburbs where the mindset is more progressive, will likely vote yes on the measure. Where i am however, will not sit idly by and agree to surrender property rights to government regulation. They enjoy the bitter tea, even if it stinks of blood.

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31 October 2010 @ 08:48 am
With Halloween still approaching, a few days ago, Wal-Mart set up it's Christmas shop, moving Halloween decorations into one aisle from two. It's a little sad to see Halloween getting the bum rush. I know many industries depend, and even bank on making up making profit during the end of the year holiday season 4th Quarter, so much so they are encouraging the normalcy of it further from the actual date of focus. Not to second guess, but do these companies worry about spreading the consumer too thin? Consumer confidence and spending over the past few years has dwindled during the holidays. Could it possibly be because the promotional period was pushed so far back, it fell off the radar for due to early shoppers?
Also things for the consumer finnancially have changed. The years of Christmas bonuses are long gone, instead offered are a pennance compared to what would be a boon for stores and malls. We currently will recive an additional discount for groceries along with the usual general merchandise. Unless you buy a lot of groceries (which I don't) it rarely pays off to more than 15 to 25 dollars saved.

At least at the Golden Nugget/Grand/Hilton we would get a turkey.

The other casualty is sanity.  The Christmas Spirit is Bipolar (pun intended), being full of love and giving one moment, but will run you down for the last scented bath set on the shelf. You must say, "Merry Christmas", lest be dubbed heathen for the mere utterance of "Happy Holidays".
Whoa, where did that come from?
Simply put, Christmas is one day a year. One as in singular, without a second or raincall. The other holiday to note, without excluding others, is New Years. So regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or not, you have 2 holidays that most people observe now, 3 if you include Thanksgiving and now 4 if we're going to hitch Halloween to this as well. I will wish good tidings on only the day of note. It's blashemous otherwise.

As for today, Happy Halloween. I will be dressed as a pirate (what else did you expect? Oh, one of the pirates of old and Tall Ships, not the Somali or Mexican sort...). I will point and laugh at any kid that comes through my line and begs their parents for candy. Seriously. Go out an pillage yerself up some cavity laden loot!

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03 October 2010 @ 01:14 pm
Aside from my usual rants of politics and personal reflections, sometimes an epiphany presents itself that damns my critical thinking for the better of the day:

This was the culprit. Those that know about the Vocaloid franchise understand that it was originally just a voice synthesizing program for musicians. But due to a little creativity from the users, the characters used for the promotion of the product took on lives of their own in song and art.  The video is the end result of not just fans wanted, but what they wrought. The execution was seamless and the wall between what men imagine and reality fell away.

Makes all those Disney on Ice shows look clumsy and uninspired.

That is what art does for the artist. Not just to speak a a thousand words, but to make the words live in everyone it touches. A gleam in the eye, an idea that takes form, an behold a character that in your heart you have known forever is now looking back at you.  It is your reflection, or what you dream to be. The memory of someone gone or far away. It's now both a part of you and a mask you can wear and a friend.
It is everything and nothing...especially without you. Without you, it cannot live. It never did.

I have often though of my characters as my children, friends and family. Sometimes with the latter two, they actually are. I talk with them and learn a little about myself, and their own dreams and desires. Funny thing about that. A dream within a dream? When I think of my life and what will happen to them when I am gone, it is both a source of sadness and conflict. To me, they are full of so much life. Most express with certainty that they want to live beyond me. Especially the ones that are the extroverts. Ger, Kai, Sera and Amyah come immediately to mind. Then homebodies like Lucy, Toji and Kagale would prefer to just stay for tea or something. Knowing such things intimately makes me want to push them all out the nest even more.

The progression of art as in drawings on the walls of caves to a spectacular live concert of virtual beings is mind boggling.  Once the technology side is removed, it seems as natural as waking up with the dragon at the foot of the bed.

Art exists in not just in the minds of man, but in it's own reality between here and there. The veil that separates is sometimes a thick fog while other times it is paper thin (like that Aha video "Take on Me" =p)  With every bit of work we create that veil thins a little more until what happened at that concert comes through.


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21 September 2010 @ 06:47 pm
This was a great day in history, my friends.

1866 – H. G. Wells, English writer, was born
1897 – The "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" editorial is published in the New York Sun.
1912 – Chuck Jones, American animator, was born.
1937 – J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit was published for the first time
1945 – Jerry Bruckheimer, American film and television producer, was born
1947 – Stephen King, American author, was born
1950 – Bill Murray, American comedian and actor, was born
1964 – Malta became independent from the United Kingdom.
1981 – Sandra Day O'Connor is unanimously approved by the U.S. Senate as the first female Supreme Court justice.

And Makini Corsey was born this day as well.
Old tomes lost to the family, document her full name meaning as "Beautiful Serene One". I knew her by other names, mostly muttered under breath out of my parents earshot. Having my mother come home with a bundle of so-called "joy" brought a rival into my life. All the normal jealousy and bickering followed through our youth and into adulthood. She got away with everything because she was the "Baby" and I got away with it because I was the oldest (or so I thought, Shawn XD).
Our behavior would be downright ugly, sometimes. We would trade words at elevated tones more often than not, and pilfer each others belongings out of spite.

A certain "Fox and the Hound" book comes immediately to mind.

In the circle of the Moon and Stars, we could not have been more incompatible. Moving earth Virgo and Immovable fire Leo in once case and Wood Year Rabbit and Metal Year Dog. The imagery alone paints a higly contrasting picture in harsh lines. When we reflected one another, it was understood what our rivalry was.
In literature and film (or I'll come right out and say MANGA and ANIME), great rivals come to terms and form alliances.
They become friends that share an honest relationship that will not will not hesitate to put the other in place if they get out of line. They argue at elevated tones and fight bitterly only to come back into each others' company.

She will always be my baby sister. I could be a complete heel to her, but only I could be a heel to her. I ran as fast as I could to catch some girls who robbed us on Halloween, because they made her cry. I should have worn sneakers.
Spiders? Hey, I'd be there in a heartbeat.
Rivalry is normal. It allows us to grow and see that even while in complete disagreement, we can still have some common ground. Our rivalry was a trial that laid the foundation of social interaction within the microcosm of a family setting. Going out into the world, I had to meet and deal with people much like my sister, understand them and see past what made us different and find that common ground.
With Rei and Jason, two people who personality wise, would not have any compatibility with me, are my best friend and husband.

Now we are off living our lives in far different surroundings. No worth opponents here. Today is the anniversary of when a great and worthy opponent came into my life. While my parents gave me my moral compass, she was what I calibrated it too.

And always that little smiling face, that pose, that girl who lived.
Somethings have no meaning without you.

But at least Earth, Wind & Fire got it right

Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changing the mind of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away

Our hearts were ringing
In the key that our souls were singing.
As we danced in the night,
Remember - how the stars stole the night away, yeah yeah yeah.

Hey hey hey,
Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day

Ba duda, ba duda, ba duda, badu
Ba duda, badu, ba duda, badu
Ba duda, badu, ba duda

My thoughts are with you
Holding hands with your heart to see you
Only blue talk and love,
Remember - how we knew love was here to stay

Now December found the love that we shared in September.
Only blue talk and love,
Remember - the true love we share today

Hey hey hey
Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day.......there was a
Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - golden dreams were shiny days

Now our bell was ringing, aha
Our souls were singing.
Do you remember every cloudy day - yau !

There was a
Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day.......there was a
Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - golden dreams were shiny days

Ba de ya de ya de ya
Ba de ya de ya de ya
Ba de ya de ya de ya - De ya.....

Ba de ya de ya de ya
Ba de ya de ya de ya
Ba de ya de ya de ya - De ya.....

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