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03 October 2010 @ 01:14 pm
Reflections in Art  
Aside from my usual rants of politics and personal reflections, sometimes an epiphany presents itself that damns my critical thinking for the better of the day:

This was the culprit. Those that know about the Vocaloid franchise understand that it was originally just a voice synthesizing program for musicians. But due to a little creativity from the users, the characters used for the promotion of the product took on lives of their own in song and art.  The video is the end result of not just fans wanted, but what they wrought. The execution was seamless and the wall between what men imagine and reality fell away.

Makes all those Disney on Ice shows look clumsy and uninspired.

That is what art does for the artist. Not just to speak a a thousand words, but to make the words live in everyone it touches. A gleam in the eye, an idea that takes form, an behold a character that in your heart you have known forever is now looking back at you.  It is your reflection, or what you dream to be. The memory of someone gone or far away. It's now both a part of you and a mask you can wear and a friend.
It is everything and nothing...especially without you. Without you, it cannot live. It never did.

I have often though of my characters as my children, friends and family. Sometimes with the latter two, they actually are. I talk with them and learn a little about myself, and their own dreams and desires. Funny thing about that. A dream within a dream? When I think of my life and what will happen to them when I am gone, it is both a source of sadness and conflict. To me, they are full of so much life. Most express with certainty that they want to live beyond me. Especially the ones that are the extroverts. Ger, Kai, Sera and Amyah come immediately to mind. Then homebodies like Lucy, Toji and Kagale would prefer to just stay for tea or something. Knowing such things intimately makes me want to push them all out the nest even more.

The progression of art as in drawings on the walls of caves to a spectacular live concert of virtual beings is mind boggling.  Once the technology side is removed, it seems as natural as waking up with the dragon at the foot of the bed.

Art exists in not just in the minds of man, but in it's own reality between here and there. The veil that separates is sometimes a thick fog while other times it is paper thin (like that Aha video "Take on Me" =p)  With every bit of work we create that veil thins a little more until what happened at that concert comes through.


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