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12 September 2011 @ 02:31 pm
The Last Battle...fer real this time.  
When I was reading the last book in the "Chronicles of Narnia" I felt it had an uncomfortable ending. Having already figured out the religious allegory part, the story seemed to skew way off on it's own and portray Asland as a bit of a douche. A character I had liked loved very much up to this point pulled the ultimate troll.
"Rocks fall. Everyone dies".
The "good" part the readers get to know that he's invited everyone that counts to Narnia, the real one he's been hiding. So all his friends die and get to go, and all the brown people die for good. This is all I got out of it, anyway.

In any case, this is what makes me wonder about religious folk that don't just believe in The Rapture, but actually hope it happens within their lifetime. Some even go as far as to talk it up and think that the more asinine we behave will somehow signal to God, "Enough is enough".
Firstly, this is pure human arrogance. Small and insignificant as we are in the vast universe, there are amazingly boneheads out there that think it's only for us. That everything in it is ours to own, command and destroy. We will literally piss in our own drinking water to make the point that it's ours to do with as we please.
Then there are the predictions. Some guy with one foot in the grave telling people the end of the world is coming on "such and such" date. While I like the fact that people are in their homes spending times with their families on what they think will be their last day on Earth, feeding people the whole fear factor in their faith just seems to bring out the worst sort of behavior. People you may simply disagree with about the color of the socks you wear may end up demonized anywhere between Hitler and Antichrist depending on how much you think each others choices suck.
Is it the affirmation that God exists that we want? Surely no. Everything about my faith tells me that he is in all I perceive and know, and more importantly, what I do not know.
Is it having the right to say "We told you WE were right"? Really, sometimes I think it is. All faiths share some basic tenets that are universal. If you are really caught up in which book said what and who said it, then you are missing the whole point. Isn't it enough people do the right thing?
It is always sad to hear that doing the right thing is not enough. That you must be of one faith or another, or you are damned.
3 people in the same room of different faiths. Charitable all their lives. Devout in their beliefs. The only thing going though their minds is "2 of us are going to hell, and it isn't going to be me."
We elevate ourselves to a status equal to that of God and ask to be forgiven our sins, hoping and dreading a mere glimpse of how it will all end.

Starburst ClockI when I would want to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons when I was a kid, there was this sort of clock
hanging on the wall over the couch. It was minding it's own business and it kept time well. One of the things I would do,
with the logic one can only appreciate for a child is move the hands of the clock to the times the show I wanted to watch
was suppose to come on. It never worked, of course, but I would wait patiently for my show to air, and it always eventually would. However, my parents did not know about my early morning  time turning, and eventually, the clock was discarded sue to it's seemingly bad timekeeping.

We are not able to bend God's willl anymore than a child can bend time. Proof that we are still children, in a world that already knows how it works.

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