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21 August 2012 @ 04:43 am
War. War never changes.  

"In the many we have had during our time on this rock, one of the spoils of war were the women. Taken as slaves, raped and/or killed. Even biblically, a rapist could take a victim as a wife. Ah, traditional marriage is a beautiful thing.
If I may digress early on in this tirade, a victim of rape is subject to objectification to satisfy a need that they want no part of and didn't ask for and even after it's long history, it is still it's victims that bear the burden of proof.
So it seems now a woman's word or scars is not enough to convince some people that her entire being was shattered. Some wild rumor mill concoction has produced a theory that a woman can't get pregnant if she is really raped, unless she wanted it, ipso facto, it was wasn't really a rape.

Remember back in High School there were kids talking about sex and saying the girl couldn't get pregnant the first time and all sorts of BS rumors they heard from So-and-so...

I know there are people lobbying to remove sex and health education from schools. When these kids grow up and become leaders and legislators and still believe what So-and-so said back in High School, instead of a licensed medical professional, I cringe. There is a generation currently living on rumors, dinosaurs and humans living in some Flinstone's utopia and they are going to soon be who will be holding offices, in our courts of law, our caregivers and teachers.
Todd Akin is an idiot for what he said, but not because he said it. The outrage is that he said it aloud (and on camera). He had the courage to say what he believed in his heart to be true. Many of his colleagues share his view.

During a time when there is a push on a state level to suppress the minority turnout in November, there has also been an unprecedented push on the state and federal level to criminalize abortion and defund/micromanage women's healthcare. It's been called, 'A War on Women'. Catchy, but is it the spoils of the 2010 Republican sweep, or war drums?

People see pictures of the Founding Fathers, all men, with pomp and powdered wigs, making the final touches on the first act of legislation that founded a nation. It's all very awe inspiring, but what was the truth behind the artists romanticized image? It took 3 years and several varying plans. As for the inclusion of women, we were referred to in the Three-Fifths Clause indirectly, for taxation purposes:

'in proportion to the whole number of white & other free Citizens and inhabitants of every age sex & condition including those bound to servitude for a term of years and three fifths of all other persons not comprehended in the foregoing description, except Indians paying taxes, in each state. - Roger Sherman June 11th 1787'

The War on Women is a hot mess right now. The president took the stance, 'Rape is Rape'. Even if you disagree with everything else the man has done. I know he has 2 little girls that will have a hard time of it when they start dating (a man that can send a unmaned drone to your doorstep is no joke).
The Republican Party, which lost control of it's base to far right conservatives, like Todd Akin, are urgently asking him to leave his keys and abandon his Senate run so they can hand-pick a replacement.
Democracy LOLWUT?
After a year of stupidity in conservative circles about how the female body works, biology and science in general. We have Mitt Romney, who is promising to repeal and replace everything the president has done with his version.
and the first thing to go will be Planned Parenthood...

War. War never changes."

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